White Interlining Overshoes

    The sole is made of

  • rubber, the non-slip sole is made of shoe covers, nonwoven (interlining) fabric.
  • Normal type shoe cover size model
  • Overlock stitched
  • Elasticated ankle weave
  • Washable
  • Antiallergic and hygienic
  • Breathable, especially water-retaining feature
  • Special Production Non-slip rubber sole shoe covers
  • It is produced in universal and suitable flexibility norms for all shoe sizes.
  • Especially preferred areas of use Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Production Factories
  • Pool edges, Use on wet floors
  • It is sent as 1000 pieces.
  • Box dimensions 60 x

  • 40 x 60

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    Disposable Product Features

    Types of White Overshoes

    Although it is known that the price of white shoe covers is generally more costly, our company offers you discounts and campaign prices for bulk purchases in white shoe covers. Although shoe covers are white in color, they are also products that have a quality use.

    White shoe covers, which are preferred in terms of quality use, always help to ensure the best hygiene in environments such as hospitals and clinics. You can be preferred in a healthy way, especially since disposable white shoe covers and other types of shoe covers are disposable. At the same time, you can easily buy in bulk with the wholesale we offer in white shoe covers. We have services in these areas whenever you wish.

    Economical Prices in Overshoes

    We provide these quality services that everyone can benefit from, together with the economical prices we offer in bulk purchases from shoe covers and during campaign periods. Therefore, you can easily make purchases by taking advantage of the shoe cover service whenever you need it.

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    With both economical prices and wholesale services, you can take advantage of these services whenever you need. In addition to offering many options in shoe covers, we are also a leading company that is most preferred because we have a gathering service. At the same time, you can always request service from our company for the use of the highest quality and safest shoe covers.

    White Interlining Overshoes

    As Inovastil, we always provide you with the highest quality and most comfortable production in white interlining shoe cover products. White interlining shoe covers can be easily preferred in any environment with their aesthetic appearance and being highly functional.

    At the same time, these shoe covers, which have the feature of washing and reuse, can be preferred in an economical and healthy way. With a new use, you can easily choose white interlining shoe covers in many environments.

    INOVASTIL offers you the best service you can choose in terms of both quality use and quality production. At the same time, you can always make wholesale purchases in these products.