Non-Slip Sole Overshoes

Non-Slip Sole Shoe Cover Production

    The sole is made of

  • rubber, the non-slip sole is made of shoe covers, nonwoven (interlining) fabric.
  • Model with normal type shoe covers
  • Overlock stitched
  • Elasticated ankle weave
  • Washable
  • Antiallergic and hygienic
  • Breathable, especially water-retaining feature
  • Special Production Non-slip rubber sole shoe covers
  • It is produced in universal and suitable flexibility norms for all shoe sizes.
  • Especially preferred areas of use Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Production Factories
  • Pool edges, Use on wet floors
  • It is sent as 1000 pieces.
  • Box dimensions 60 x

  • 40 x 60

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    Disposable Product Features

    Non-slip sole shoe covers are products that have a wide range of uses and are used especially in terms of ensuring hygiene. Overshoes normally have slip properties as they have nylon production. However, since non-slip sole shoe covers are very useful and functional in this respect, they can be preferred comfortably without slipping in the long term. At the same time, although they are comfortable, you can easily choose non-slip sole tips in any area.

    Our company has been providing a quality production of non-slip sole shoe covers for a long time. With this production we provide, it is possible to buy these shoe covers and choose them easily in any environment. In addition, non-slip sole shoe covers are more comfortable and of higher quality, as well as functional use.

    Usage Areas of Non-Slip Sole Overshoes

    Non-slip sole shoe covers have been produced by our company for you in the highest quality for a long time. Slip soap shoe covers can be preferred in hospital environments, clinics, beauty centers, some museums and all areas where hygiene needs to be ensured. These quality non-slip sole shoe covers are very advantageous products in terms of having a comfortable use and ensuring the best hygiene.

    You can easily buy any number of shoe covers from our company, as well as in bulk. Each of the shoe covers can be easily preferred because they have quality production and provide hygiene, as well as being non-slip. Because the floors are usually slippery in clinical or hospital-style environments, wearing normal shoe covers can cause the person’s foot to slip. For this reason, the non-slip sole shoe covers we produce are always the right choice.

    Why Non-Slip Sole Overshoes Are Preferred

    Shoe covers with non-slip soles are preferred products especially for better hygiene without slipping. Since our company always offers you quality products in these products, you can use them very comfortably without slipping. At the same time, these shoe covers are of great importance in order to ensure hygiene in the best way. It is possible to use it easily without slipping, with quality use, good hygiene and stable feet.

    Each of these products, which we produce advantageously for you, also has a very clean and comfortable use with the provision of hygiene. In each of the environments where hygiene will be provided in the best way, shoe covers with non-slip soles can be easily preferred. In this regard, we always offer a safe use product.

    Comfortable use in shoe covers with non-slip soles

    Comfortable use is possible in shoe covers with non-slip soles. Non-slip sole shoe covers can be easily preferred in terms of health and confidence with its non-slip feature. While these shoe covers are produced over time, they are produced in sizes that will adapt to every foot size. Since it adapts to every foot size, it is comfortable for everyone.

    At the same time, since non-slip soles are preferred even on the most slippery floors, the feet are always comfortable and safe to use. Although the upper part is usually produced with rubber, it can be easily passed on its feet and stand steadily. You can use it comfortably because we produce the sole in a non-slip way for you.

    Quality Service in Non-Slip Sole Overshoes

    In the field of non-slip sole shoe covers, our company has been providing a corporate and safe service for you for a long time. With these services we provide, you can easily use it in any environment by choosing non-slip sole shoe covers. At the same time, it can be easily preferred for a long time without slipping, as it adapts to every foot. Such shoe covers should be preferred especially in hospital and clinical-style environments in order to adapt to every foot and to ensure good hygiene. We offer you quality products that have both quality use in this field and provide hygiene that can always be preferred. One of you can always contact our company and purchase both wholesale and individually in shoe cover service.