Laminated Waterproof Coverall

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    Disposable Product Features

    Laminated Waterproof Coverall

    Laminated Spraying Disposable Coverall

    Model Description : İNOVASTİL

    Model No.:TK55 LMN Type 5-6 Disposable 55 gr Coverall (Blue Stripe)

    Product Feature: Made of 55gr/m2 Laminated Fabric, the hood edge, waist, leg and sleeve are elastic, the front has a 75 cm opening zipper for comfortable putting on and taking off, the zipper cap is locked and does not open automatically. The zipper is patted on it.

    Feature: Disposable Overalls Fabric Features * It is a breathable fabric and has liquid impermeability. * It has protective properties against moisture and bacteria. *Does not cause toxicity. * Maintains body temperature. * It does not cause dusting and pilling. * It has high abrasion and resistance. * It does not cause puncture or tearing. Material : PP. PE. Nonwoven(100% Natural Polypropylene Nonwoven Laminated With Polyethylene Film SS Nonwoven Fabric + PE Film)

    Male & Female : Unisex (Men and Women)

    Weight : Thickness: 55/56gr/m2 Color: White

    body: Standard Size : S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

    Quantity in the Package: 1 (Number in Bag) 10 (Can be Bagged with 10 Upon Request)

    Pieces in a Box: 70 Pieces Box Dimensions: 55 * 40 * 50 Desi : 32

    Stock Status : Due to the pandemic, it is constantly available.